Dear Jesus, Our Almighty Heavnenly Mother and Our Almighty Heavenly Father and the True Holy Spirit,

I am very angry, upset and sad today that we (me & Jesus) were having such a wonderful time at Whisper Springs in January & February of 2018 and I was envisioning my true mom (Janice Johnson Olson) walking up 88th Street, singing "What a Best Friend We Have in Jesus" and my true mom (Janice Johnson Olson) singing her way into this apartment "community" and moving me with her best friend -- I am very upset at so-called, corrupt, malevolent Jennie Ed in CB ( and Dallas County people  for trying to take me away from those very good times and memories and trusting visions of my mom (Janice Johnson Olson) and her singing about Jesus  tome and her care and concern for me, and Jesus is very,v dry upset and angry, for and with Diane Kay Olson, about how the corrupt, malevolent people at Jennie Ed and how the corrupt, malevolent, scheming Dallas County "people" have been stalking Diane and Jesus at their home in Whisper Springs, West Des Moines,  and trying to take away Diane's trust in her own family and Her, Diane's, beautiful song bird voice, strong and passionate sense of reality and her sense of extreme righteousness. These people in Dallas County's so-called organizations (which are schemes against Queen Diane's and King Jesus Christ's lives and constantly and illegally call and harass us, as if they don't get that we are brilliant intellectuals who have worked and taught at three major universities in the United States of America in the midwest and along the East Coast -- Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, New York and Atlanta -- and have worked at a major, well-known art museum in New York City before being pronounced King and Queen of Oppressed and Suffering Children and Women throughout the earth by God Almighty Our Heavenly Mother/Father in 2018 -- we don't know about men trying to play God against us at our home, which is god-awful to experience, and we sympathize with women and children out there who are illegally harassed by so-called, pseudo "authorities" like we, King Jesus and Queen Diane, have been during 2018, after we were pronounced King and Queen, and we are going to continue writing about on our many Jesus and Diane love for humanity blogs-- as it goes, these pseudo and corrupt Dallas county organizations have been illegally stalking us  and so-called, viciously inhumane and unethical and stalking by corrupt "authorities" in the county that Diane and Jesus' reside in and stalking by this Urbandale so-called "community advocates" have been harassing us on the telephone time after time, illegally threatening our lives, illegally threatening over and over again to take us, Diane and Jesus, out of our home where we -- Queen/Dr. Diane K. Olson & King/Dr. Jesus Christ Nielsen have resided together for over three and a half -- nearly four years -- as best, best  friends, compassionate and caring lovers of one another, fianc├ęs and  united in holy matrimony as of February, 2018,as  husband and wife most recently, and united in holy marriage as of February 15th, 2018 when we were perfectly happy and blissful with one another, deeply in love and experiencing joy and laughter and writing on Diane and Jesus' many blogs which Diane and Jesus have been writing on since 2004, including and and  Dallas County "authorities" -- who are fraudulent and a front for an organization that has been harassing us and illegally hacking our blogs and writings about Diane and Jesus' faith and love for one another  and love and amazing grace on the cross for humanity -- these fraudulent and unethical and corrupt "authorities" illegally invaded our home -- and this is a warning to anyone else who threatens the home of King/Dr. Jesus Christ Nielsen and Queen/Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen, stay far, far because their home is viciously and vehemently protected by God Almighty Heavenly Father's security forces and you will be arrested if you dare step foot on their property and their apartment community, which King/Dr. Jesus Christ Nielsen and Queen/Dr. Diane K. Olson-Nielsen have resided for nearly four years  -- and these people who have been harassing them have threatened their lives time and time again will be arrested and prosecuted by God Our Almighty Heavenly Mother and Father themselves if they dare step foot on Queen Diane Kay's and King Jesus Christ's properties or homes ever again and viciously prosecuted to the highest extent of the Law -- for violations of Diane Kay's and Jesus Christ's -- and these people are human beings, dear and precious children of God Almighty Our Heavenly Father/Mother,  with a profound sense of righteousness, holiness, compassion, love and affection for one another and for all God's people throughout their earth and these corrupt and bullying and harassing organizations in their home territory have been stalking them due Queen Diane Kay's and King Jesus Christ's beautiful, glorious, righteous, loving, compassionate testimonies on their blogs to Queen Diane Kay's and King Jesus' love and affection for one another and for all of the suffering and oppressed people throughout the Earth who Diane Kay and Jesus love very, very much (see their blogs and and think about and pray about and love upon constantly from their home and when they are out and about, walking the wild side and through wild and compassionate places on this earth -- airports, metropolitan regions, etc. -- and Diane Kay Olson-Nielsen and Jesus Christ Nielsen are sad today that these corrupt authorities are viciously attacking them just because Diane Kay and Jesus are deeply in love with one another, as husband and wife, best friends and lovers, and write these beautiful and amazing blogs to touch the hearts of God's suffering and oppressed and crying people throughout the earth. As such says Diane Kay and Jesus, dear Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mom, please restore our beautiful memories and laughter  and joy with one another and our beautiful memories of our loving and care  families at the corner of Whisper Springs, where we reside in holy matrimony, that these corrupt, hacking, illegal people who have been harassing and threatening us have been trying to take away from us by preying false stuff into our blogs and our homes.  Just wipe these harassing stalkers and hackers off of  our blogs and deep and abiding and unshakeable and eternal love for one another and God's people -- off of the face of this earth. IN JESUS' AND DIANE KAY'S Holy, Righteous, All-Knowing, All-Loving, Beautiful, Compassionate and Caring Names. Sincerely and With Great Concern, Love and Affection and Amazing Grace, Love Always, Diane Kay and Jesus Christ, best, best friends, lovers and united as husband and wife, united in Holy Matrimony on February 15th, 2018, so back off, folks, for the violations of our human rights, civil rights, freedom of expression/liberty and the Geneva Conventions.



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